Nov 4, 2003

Enough Cash to Consolidate Power in the Republican Party
"Nearly every one of the 10 largest contracts awarded for Iraq and Afghanistan went to companies employing former high-ranking government officials or individuals with close ties to [the Pentagon, the State Department, the Agency for International Development] or Congress. In addition, those top 10 contractors were established political donors, contributing nearly $11 million to national political parties, candidates and political action committees since 1990, according to an analysis of campaign finance records."

"If I was an Iraqi and I was political, I'd say this was a ploy to favor US companies and let them steal the riches of Iraq."

"Halliburton, said sales in the third quarter were 39% higher at $4.1bn. Iraq-related work transformed the prospects of its Kellogg Brown & Root subsidiary. The division's total revenues increased by 80% to $2.3bn, of which $900m came from Iraq and profits grew fourfold to $49m, of which $34m was Iraq business."

"So is a certain amount of campaign cash, cycled back from those who profit in the reconstruction. Against the backdrop of a treasury-draining scheme to remake the world, a few million dollars in corporate contributions to a sitting president may seem insignificant, but one can be sure they matter to Bush-and to his political opponents. For Democrats, the spectacle of a Republican administration larding out contracts to close allies is a political disaster [It's enough in fact] to consolidate the existing distribution of power in Washington."
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