Oct 1, 2003

Will he go the way of Snyder and Campanis, or at the very least is there a chance that Rush has offended enough Pennsylvania football fans to cost him any political influence he may have had?

I TOLD YOU SO and I don't hate to say it:

UPDATE: Wesley Clark and Howard Dean call for Limbaugh to be fired
Clark, Dean Urge Rush Limbaugh's Firing
Two Democratic presidential candidates urged ESPN to fire conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday for saying the media wanted Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to succeed because he is black.

Wesley Clark, a retired Army general who entered the race Sept. 17, called the remarks ``hateful and ignorant speech.'' Front-running candidate Howard Dean, a former Vermont governor, followed up with his own assessment - ``absurd and offensive.''

In the letter to ESPN, Clark said, "There can be no excuse for such statements. Mr. Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants, but ABC and ESPN have no obligation to sponsor such hateful and ignorant speech. Mr. Limbaugh should be fired immediately."

Later, Dean said in a statement, "There is no legitimate place in sports broadcasting for voices that seek to discredit the achievement of athletes on the basis of race."

Democratic candidate Clark urges ABC to fire Limbaugh over McNabb remark San Francisco Cronicle
ABC NEWS Arkansas affiliate and ABC NEWS National and the Denver Post: Fire builds under Limbaugh for McNabb comment

LATE UPDATE:More voices join the outraged FIRE LIMBAUGH chorus including 24 members of Congress and these choice entries:

For that, I can't decide whether to call Limbaugh a fool.
We knew Rush Limbaugh would open his mouth and spew stupidities sometime.
It's sad when the league won't admonish a TV commentator, perhaps fearful of angering the cash cow networks that pay the bills.
Limbaugh's comments critical of McNabb ignite national debate

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