Oct 28, 2003

Rightwing blogger THEFT to keep Americans from knowing WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The original BAGHDAD BURNING blog written by a female Iraqi programmer created quite a buzz on the Internet. Numerous well read bloggers linked to Baghdad Burning and posted stories based on what was written by the civillian Iraqi. (LINKS)

Baghdad Burning gave an accurate insider account of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED every day in IRAQ - a picture that was dramatically different than that touted by the administration.

It has now been revealed that an identity theif riversbendblog.blogspot.com has stolen the name of riverbendblog.blogspot.com, and is sharing the title "Baghdad Burning". In an attempt to defeat the impact of the celebrated IRAQI blogger.

Baghdad Burning had become well known for exposing huge cost differences between American Corporate interests in IRAQ and local Iraqis who had the ability to do certain jobs for much less. Posts like this one exposed the high costs charged by HALLIBURTON over what Iraqi's would be willing to take to do the same job. BAGHDAD BURNING was burning holes in Corporate Americas plan to get away clean with fleecing the American taxpayer

Enter a fellow that goes by the handle "solerito" who also created a previous fake Baghdad website "Baghdad Blogging". Solerito stole the BAGHDAD BURNING name and diverted many interested searchers from finding the original BAGHDAD BURNING BLOG. This is the new 'Right wing dirty trick' campaign of the new century.

Solerito had become known as a rabid right wing Bush supporter. John Gorenfeld's blog has the details of this sordid story. John's done a great job on this. Also Claude from the Atrios' comments section who noticed the login id solerito in the Extreme Tracking bug. Bending Truth apparently knows the identity theif. This is the kind of subtrefuge we have come to expect from Republicans over the years. It is akin to the masked flag burner pictured below. Some people will stoop to anything to keep the truth from Americans.
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