Sep 19, 2003

Liberal friendly Tailgate - of the RTB on Florida Friday for those who are not up for anything.

BJ and Bustin up for anything at the Big Orange Tailgate

BUGLY - considers the wisdom of certain statistics which could be enough to give BST "alien dreams" The better half of Jay and Jane discovers there truly is a Highway to Hell She should do more of the Ranting.
Paul at The Bully Pulpit and I agree that the rightwingnut glee over Dean in the lead should be encouraged. Dingbust of Davidson Co. plots the Clark- Dean 'strategery' (bushism) and see's no Dean/Clark Clark/Dean in our future. My Quiet Life has the opposite take on Clark & Dean.

Look no further than the Free Speech News for complete coverAGE of the 9-11 coverUP - a piece my favorite Granny, who is radioactive to Republicans, should like. While Jo the Dem Vet's reprise of John Prine's "SAM STONE" is more than worth the price of admission. Thanks for that Jo.

For a break from the current misadministrative disaster go play with the animals at hatamaran or visit Buddy Don the Wandering Hillbilly to learn about wimmin, and Opinari is always good for arcane information like " the discoverey of the world's oldest genitals". But Longmire's flash intro to the Flight of the Icarus is the best trip of all.

The original Tailgate's Titular Two-faced Top-dog proves he's insulting to liberals with this: Michael J. Totten does a different kind of dissecting as he Fisks, folds, spindles and mutilates Ted Rall's latest chickenscratching. And that's insulting to the chicken.... Anyone who would take Totten over Rall gives "liberal" a bad name and I knew all along that THAT was his aim. Mike Reed has a graphic representation of INN's 'illiberal musings' - look for the fecal plume under "whale fart". Barry (and I think I might change my name in disgust) is a liberal like Kevin at Lean Left and Kevin at OSP are "move on" Communists. That is enough reason to boycott that Barry's Tailgate and do my own. Unlike his anti-liberal thing, Long Pauses does liberal morality as it should be done. Inn of the last has more in common with self-important Half-Baked Freeper Houlihan who tried to milk a non-existent Al-Queda - Dyersburg suicide connection for all it wasn't worth.

Pathetic Earthlings will be hosting Carnival of the Vanities # 53 and he will disagree with the Philosophical Scriveners opinion on his State's recall.

I do resonate with Resonance's Another Day at the Front and Katie at Loco Parentis on the family Bush -- I don't with Rich Hailey's Clark Lied Apparently Rich failed to read any of the many posts debunking his Clark Lied story and instead bought the Rush Limbo Mumbo Jumbo/George sWill line - hook line and sinker. At least he is up front about his politics. Like gun loving Say Uncle who posts this odd anti-gun advertisment on the aim of the police, at least these guys stand up in the light. UPDATE: Rich has graciously updated his blog with the correct information. He is a man of honor I have always respected although we disagree on most things. A big tip of the hat to Rich Hailey.

Sick of Bush has so much great stuff that it is hard to select one. Bush 1 v Bush 2 - the kid should've paid attention to his daddy. The true RTB Blogfather SKB shows Bush in a truth revealing pose. Prescott would be proud. The other blogfather says of Isabel "category 2 storm - category 5 hype" hmmm sounds like some bloggers I know. But not Infozo the moron librarian who even has me talkin like a pirate. Thar she blows matey. Shiver me timbers. Even Mark at Laylines is starting to get it.

Clear your mind with a little ZEN from Sugarfused and then focus on the HATED GATORS.

From the Liberal LEFT of the RTB Rush Limbaughtomy reminds you that the only thing we have to fear is this disasterous pursuit of the Illusion of Security.
For more intelligent discussion of the State of the Nation and it's mis-leadership Mark A. R. Kleiman points to a great Eric Alterman piece on Commander "can't keep his story straight" Chickenhawk on 9-11. Further down the blog Mark throws his sizable hat into the ring on the side of General Clark who draws very different reactions across the political spectrum. I intend to maintain a neutrality until later in the campaign and to support all Democrats in their quest to unseat the pRetender in chief. I hope that the Gore/Kerry campaign staff doesn't make the General's campaign anti-Dean vs Anti-Bush. If they do they lose my support.
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