Sep 9, 2003

The Current Crisis of Conscience


Leave No Child Behind has become a sad joke for anyone with the ability and the will to read except the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Is C student Bush so ignorant of the tempest surrounding his education statistics in Texas that he innocently bandies the “leave no child behind” BS about on his latest visit to Tennessee? Or is the man a twisted psychopath without any embarrassment or qualms of conscience?

Is the Texas Miracle now the fact that our misleader has gotten away with one of the biggest deceptions of all time? Would the former Governor of Texas have us believe that he and his staff found nothing worth investigating in the reports of ZERO dropout rates in school systems that only the year before reported up to 40% dropouts? Does he expect us to believe that this incredible shift in statistics was simply a matter of revising standards and regulating testing and measurement?

At a Nashville fund raiser yesterday ZERO Dropout Miracleman Bush collected 1.2 million Tennessee dollars for telling feckless Tennessee Republicans that he has a plan to improve education.
“I've heard every excuse in the book why not to measure," the president said. "My attitude is that in order to know, in order to diagnose a problem, you have to measure it in the first place. You cannot solve a problem until you measure it in the first place."
Yeah right George just like you “measured” your “success” in Texas education on the basis of ZERO dropout data that any fool could see was impossible.

Our misleader is a man of so little conscience that he can appear in public and spout this bushshit without the slightest hint of embarrassment at what has been revealed in his home state. That behavior is clearly psychopathic. We are in deep deep trouble. With a misleader as willing to cut corners and cook books as this one who is surprised when cheating runs rampant in our schools from both the administration and the students. Read Mark Kleiman's No Child Left Behind for a clear thorough look at the Bush incentives.
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