Aug 6, 2003

The early exit polls in FLORIDA were correct.
Had all the votes counted as intended Gore would be President.
We would be prosperous, people would be employed, the deficit would not exist,
the Rich would have gotten richer, the poor would not be as poor,
we would not be at war, soldiers would not be dying, Bin Lauden would be dead,
there would be no Dept. of Big Brother Security, there would be no Patriot Act
and the World Trade Towers would still be standing.

Cuomo Calls on Gore to Seek Presidency

Cuomo said that the Democrats are lacking a "positive agenda, one that the whole party can come around, and a guy like Gore - who has done it, who has it and who can point to it - I think he would be an advantage to the campaign." Cuomo's comments came one day before Gore was to deliver a speech at New York University on the Bush administration's handling of the U.S.-led war against Iraq and other national security issues.

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"Joined at the Heart" by Al and Tipper Gore
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