Aug 28, 2003

TROLLING in TENNESSEE part VI Smith and Davidson Counties.

(Pink and Blue counties previously reported down the blog.)
SMITH COUNTY sits near the edge of the highland rim in the central basin of Tennessee. From this poor county Albert Gore Sr. made his way to teachers college and returned to teach and take the bus into Nashville most evenings to attend law school at the YMCA. These folks who know the Gore's best voted for Al Jr. 67 to 32 pecent in 2000. Cordell Hull Lake on the Cumberland River is the cheif attraction in an area that is too rugged and hilly to be of much use as farm land. It is not strange that Al Gore came from these poor but honest surroundings to lead in the fight against the Vietnam war and to sponsor good liberal programs to lift his fellow men from poverty. People in Smith County know each other well and the Gore's have been there for generations. This is the meaning of roots, backbone, and chatacter that exist in the Gore's but are sadly lacking in the Bush clan.
Population, 2000 17,712 percent change, 1990 to 2000 25.2%
White 95.4% Black or African American 2.5% 16.4%
High school graduates 67.5% Bachelor's degree or higher 9.3%
Median income, 1999 $35,625 Per capita income, 1999 $17,473
DAVIDSON COUNTY is home to Nashville the Capitol of Tennessee and the Capitol of Country Music. When country music was the music of the people Nashville was a very Democratic town but Country Music has become very Corporate and very rich and the political persuasion has changed for the worse. In the days when Frank Clement was Governor and Estes Keefauver and Albert Gore were the States Senators in the 50's and 60's Tennessee was much more progressive than it's neighbors to the North and South. Now Nashville is captive to the interests of Sony Music and HCA. Country musicians with liberal political views are silenced by the fear of economic reprisal. Country music has lost it's voice as social commentary and now it is only about the money. Despite the opressive corporate atmosphere the voters of Davidson County voted for Gore 59 to 40 percent
Population, 2000 569,891 percent change, 1990 to 2000 11.6%
White 67.0% Black or African American 25.9%
High school graduates 81.5 Bachelor's degree or higher 30.5%
Median income, 1999 $39,797 Per capita income, 1999 $23,069 Persons below poverty 13.0%
Between Carthage in Smith County and Nashville are Lebanon TN. home of Cracker Barrel and Mt. Juliet, home of Charlie Daniels. Just visit the Charlie Daniels site and read a few selections from the Soapbox to get the flavor. This "Long Haired Country Boy" has gone through some startling changes since his days as a Jimmy Carter Fund Raiser. The Cracker Barrel corporation can always be counted on for Republican Right Wing political support. These folks along with the Benson group and Country Music in general promote a brand of Religious Republicanism that is financially rewarding and self-serving.
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