Aug 15, 2003

SouthKnoxBubba- best F&B site today.

"We are shining a spotlight on the haters and the enablers. You can decide if that spotlight is aimed in the right direction."


The Dennis Miller Segment features Dennis swaping jokes with a cardboard cutout of Al Franken. Bill O'Reilly is featured as voice of the Al Franken cutout as straight man for Miller.

The O'Reilly Factor: President Bush is effectively managing the economy today clearing brush in Crawford, Texas. The President informed Bill O'Reilly in an exclusive interview that the economy "is in great shape" and that the Liberal news media is responsible for any false impression that people are unemployed. "Everybody is working who wants to work" said the President "If not they can come to the ranch and clear this brush if they can get clearance to clear." O'Reilly will question the President about his recent golf outing in Crawford.

Hannity and Insignificant: Today from the Democratic Left GOP Joe Lieberman and Indiana Senator Bayh of the DLC will face centrists Ann Coulter & Michael Savage and the ghost of Joe McCarthy on the Right for a balanced discussion of the ineffective candidacy of Vermont Governor Howard Dean who is so far Left he is unelectable.

Fox Nightly News Tonight's special edition
will feature a series of photo journals from the embedded reporters who were with the troops during the first week of Victory in IRAQ the LIBERATION of the IRAQI PEOPLE and a special preview of the new film THE RESCUE OF JESSICA LYNCH - courage under the knife.

Fox Late Night: Will be with President Bush in San Diego as he revisits his heroic landing on the USS Lincoln. Fox will replay the MISSION ACCCOMPLISHED address in full including close ups of the President in full Combat attire. A special segment will feature "
The Making of Air Warrior Of Legend Bush" the new action figure for $39.99

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