Jul 21, 2003

This is one of 5 Republican Supporters who qualify as AMERICAN SUCKERS
Jack Gesteves, 28, Birmingham, AL, Software “I don’t vote for pussies.”

Jack voted hard right and never made the connection with his weed consumption because only dumb black street types ever got caught. Then he misses a stoplight and forgets to toss out the joint on the dashboard, and the cop spots it. Next thing, boom, gun in the face, cop yelling, cuffed and booked…then it turns out he was driving near a school—ten blocks or so, some Elementary School Jack never even heard of. That makes it a mandatory ten-year stretch. Jack stares at his lawyer waiting for the punch line, because it has to be a joke. Nope. Ten years. Ten years as somebody’s bitch, sold to a new guy for a carton of cigarettes, because he had a joint that night instead of a gin & tonic. Jack remembered one night while getting fucked in the ass that he’d actually voted for that mandatory-sentencing deal. And even though he’s trying to find a way to kill himself before they sell his little white ass to the Black Muslims in D Block, he still, you know, believes we’ve got to do something about this drug thing, come down hard on it. He still wouldn’t vote for any tie-dyed loser who was soft on drugs.

How do so many vote Republican when it is clearly against their best interest?
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