Jul 10, 2003


What a crock of crap!

Something called the American Teleservices Association (can we get a phone number and call them relentlessly?) is complaining that 2 million people will lose their jobs because of the DO NOT CALL effort. The only reason that is of any concern is the state of the job market due to the Bush Administration. Telemarketing jobs are minimum wage bottom of the barrel employment with high turnover and few benefits.

I am among those who take a very agressive posture toward telemarketers. I am either extremely rude and abusive "Get a *&%$ real job JERK and quit bothering people you moron!!!" OR if I do not need the telephone I simply lay it down next to a speaker that keeps saying 'yes' at random intervals.
The audacity that anyone thinks the telephone line into my home is a conduit they can use as a sales device without my consent is ludicrous. What I cannot understand are people who actually buy things that are sold this way.

Some will say that the poor souls that take telemarketer jobs are just trying to make a living and that kindness is required. Bullshit I say. Telemarketers need to recognize immediately that their job is going to require a very thick skin. Thick skins are like thick heads deserving of scorn when they invade the peace and quiet of my home and interrupt my train of thought. Next time one of these parasites calls feel free to give them a piece of your mind since they have disturbed your peace of mind. The "loving" thing to do is to help them break the habit of preying on poor suckers who buy from telemarketers. It may help save their souls and at least get them thinking about a job that helps people instead of hurting them. TELEMARKETERS ARE TRASH BECAUSE THEY ARE TELEMARKETERS. Stop being a telemarketer and you can regain your humanity.

as Bubba sez "Ok, then"
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