Jul 29, 2003


The latest spin has GWB as author of a brilliant strategy: “We are saving American lives at home because the Jihadists are being drawn to IRAQ like flies to shit” according to Dubya. “It is just like the Elephant Repellant I used to sell down in Midland to the shit-kickers so I could finance my (fruitless) oil search” he laughs, “You don’t see terr*er*rests in the USA so it must be working.” “Hell it only costs a Billion a week and most of that is going to my supporters and friends” “War is better than snake oil when it comes to clearing a profit”

The Flypaper Theory was evidently put forward by David Warren – the last remaining Conservative in Ottawa and possibly the only Canadian who cannot use being stoned as an excuse:

“Bush has also, quite consciously to my information, created a new playground for the enemy, away from Israel, and even farther away from the United States itself. By the very act of providing this lower ground, he drains terrorist resources from other swamps. This is the meaning of Mr. Bush's "bring 'em on" taunt -- is not a mistake. It is carefully hung flypaper.”

Instapundit links to a CNN paragraph on the magnetic qualities of Iraq___ "This is what I would call a terrorist magnet, where America, being present here in Iraq, creates a target of opportunity," Sanchez said on CNN's "Late Edition." "But this is exactly where we want to fight them. ...This will prevent the American people from having to go through their attacks back in the United States." __that echos David Warren’s essay that describes occupied Iraq as "flypaper" for terrorists. And, they both maintain, it's working. Sayeth Reynolds: You may have noticed that although people are upset about acts of terrorism there were no attacks in the United States. This doesn't meet the Occam's razor test. Are terrorists not striking the US because we met them on their home ground in Iraq -- or are they not striking the US because it's logistically difficult and terror strikes on America are comparatively rare anyway? And, oh yeah, how many terrorists attacking American soil have ever come from Iraq? Tacitus disagrees

So just to get all of this straight: The new/old theory is that we are spending ONE BILLION DOLLARS and EIGHT US SOLDIERS LIVES A WEEK in IRAQ as "FLYPAPER" to suck terrorists away from the USA so we can kill them in IRAQ.
Did anyone ask Congress about this or the American people?
A recent exchange on the South Knox Bubba Comment section between William Hobbs and Rush Limbaughtomy:

And yes, our survival is at stake. Or have you forgotten that 3,000 of us are already dead?

NO BILL We had (not) forgotten that 16 Iraqis (or was it Saudi Arabians –mostly) armed with box cutters and airline tickets furnished by Saddam Hussein (or was it Saudi Arabia) hijacked 4 airplanes in America and flew three of them into buildings. We lost more lives on the nations highways (41,000 a year) since 9-11. Is our survival at stake there? I didn’t think so.

If we don't decisively defeat or otherwise force out of power all of the Islamic wackos, there WILL be Islamic terrorists blowing us up here in our own shopping malls and pizzerias.

NO BILL We had forgotten that Saddam Hussein was an Islamic Zealot who believed he will achieve Paradise after death (or was he just another greedy bigot like so many here in the USA who believed he could buy paradise on earth with enough oil)

The thing about Iraq is, it has drawing the terrorists attention away from the U.S. homeland and drawing the jihadis to Iraq - as Glenn Reynolds points out today, pointing to a CNN story.

So permanent war in Iraq where we lose American Soldiers at more than one per day at the cost of ONE BILLION DOLLARS A WEEK is the answer to terrorists threats. – Good Answer Bill are you ready to pay for it perpetually?

Bush has created a trap for terrorists, and drawn their fire away from the American homeland, safeguarding us while killing increasing numbers of the enemy. This is classic military strategy and it is working.

For one BILLION DOLLARS AND 8 AMERICAN LIVES A WEEK THE BUSH STRATEGY IS WORKING. Isn’t that kind of like the old elephant repellant jokes? You don’t see any elephants around here do you? What was it? 10 years between WTC bombing attacks before IRAQ. So far it has been 5 months since the IRAQ ATTACK we only have 115 months plus to go before we know if this BILLION DOLLAR 8 LIVES A WEEK STRATEGY really works don’t we.

So it all boils down to 52 Billion dollars and 400 American lives a year to save the USA from a WTC every decade - 520 Billion and 4,000 lives.
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