Jul 15, 2003

RECORD breaking REPUBLICAN RESIDENTS RED INK is drowning our country.
Fiscal irresponsibility is unsurpassed in history.
BUDGET DEFICIT GROWS BY 50% TO 450 BILLION and may surpass that.

The deficit for the last two years of this Residents term is greater than any in history. It is official now: this administration intends to bankrupt America while lining the pockets of the wealthy. Fiscal conservatives are Democrats not (cut)Tax and Spend Republicans. The Resident is caught in a war we did not need for a price we cannot afford to pay. Newsweek poll of 33,000 shows 77% want Bush out.
From the Daily KOS
And why do the Republicans need to spin the deficit? Because it'll be in the range of $400-450 billion each of the next two years (probably more) -- far surpassing the previous record of $290 billion notched by papy Bush. And far surpassing the administration's previous bogus estimate of $300 billion.
Republicans say the more important measure of red ink is how it compares to the size of the U.S. economy, because that illustrates the government's ability to afford carrying the debt.
Even gauged that way, a shortfall 4 percent as big as the economy — as this year's and next's will probably be — begins to approach the dimension of the deficits of the 1980s and early 1990s that both parties agreed were untenable. The GOP has blown away any semblance of rationality. Also covered by Angry Bear and Atrios
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