Jul 13, 2003

A little Sunday study of the Religion of George W. Bush

The Gospel According to Bush: Good Christian George?

Consider the abundance of empirical evidence that George Bush and his regime are pathological liars, unabashed tools of the ultra wealthy, and no friend to the working man. What then results in their popularity with the multitudes? Aside from the compliant corporate media as a propaganda machine there is the compliance of pseudo Christians like Falwell and Robertson who abet the myth that Bush is "Christlike" which IS what "Christian" means. This is a good time to notice the pseudo Christianity of Pat Robertson who now seems to think W may not be such a good Christian since he seems to favor replacing "Christian" Liberian President Taylor. Of course Pat Robertson's 7 million dollar investment with Taylor in Liberian Goldmines has nothing to do with that.

What kind of man was Jesus Christ? He was a peacemaker.

1) Is George "Bring Em On" Bush a peacemaker?
No. Bush has the blood of thousands of innocent people on his hands.
2) Jesus shunned wealth and possessions. Does Bush shun wealth and possessions?
Hardly. He covets wealth, especially oil; none more so than Iraqi oil. His policies have placed huge burdens upon the working poor in America while giving more wealth to the rich.
3) Jesus Christ spoke profound truth in the form of parables. Does Bush speak truth?
He lied repeatedly about the threat posed by Iraq. Bush stated time and again that there is a demonstrable link between the events of 9/11, Al Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein and of course he lied about the Uranium in Africa, the job production of his tax cuts for the rich, and his commitment to education.
4) Jesus Christ life was given to the needs of the outcast, the poor and oppressed. What has Bush done for the working class people?
The answer: absolutely nothing. Bush continues to give ever more welfare to his rich associates and corporate cronies Halliburton, Bechtel, Worldcom, the Carlyle Group. Bush, like all neo-conservatives, staunchly opposes raising America's pathetic minimum wage to an actual living wage. This is detrimental to the family structure and has a perverse effect on the entire social fabric. Bush is a purveyor of class warfare; the avowed enemy of organized labor. He is one of the ruling classes endowed with special privileges that ninety-nine percent of us don't have. His policies always have a common denominator: they disproportionately aid the rich and harm the poor.
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