Jun 24, 2003

We can fully expect that Ann Coulter's TREASON will take up where Ann Coulter's SLANDER concluded. And just how nasty is Coulter’s conclusion? She draws an ugly conclusion indeed. “Except for occasional forays to the Wal-Mart,” she says, “liberals do not know any conservatives.” But conservatives “already know” liberals, she says. Conservatives know liberals as savagely cruel bigots who hate America and lie for sport.” Incredibly, that is Coulter’s final phrase. It closes her strange, disturbed book.

On the eve of TREASON's release we need to reacquaint ourselves with the LIES of SLANDER and there is no place better to do that than the archives of THE DAILY HOWLER**

Coulter as media whore & Coulter as high heel gunslinger

Bob Somerby
meticulously details the misrepresentations and lies in 780 footnotes used in Slander. He proves that Ann Coulter is not to be believed or taken seriously Ann Coulter is a whore in the classic sense. She has sold herself for money instead of truth. If not SLANDER Coulter is LIBEL and her TREASON is against AMERICA for America is not only the self-righteous right. America is all of us. Ann Coulter is dedicated to bringing out the worst in us just like Rush Limbaugh. Ann is waging her own conservative jihad. Draw your own conclusion about who is the "savagely cruel bigot who hates America and lies for sport".
**Scroll to the bottom of the linked page to the entries from July 9, 2002 through July 26, 2002

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