Jun 9, 2003

Turning up the heat

"When Ronald Reagan came into office, he cut taxes, we had big deficits, and we lost 2 million jobs. When Bill Clinton came into office, he raised taxes without a single Republican vote; we balanced the budget; we gained 6 and a half million jobs. George Bush has already lost 2 and a half million. I want a balanced budget because that’s how you get jobs in this country is to balance the books. No Republican president has balanced the budget in 34 years. …You had better elect a Democrat, because the Republicans cannot handle money. … We’re the party of responsibility, and they’re not." Candidate Dean

If you watched the Iowa gathering of Democrats on Sunday you got a pretty good dose of what's to come in the year ahead. I heard Graham, Kucinich, and Howard Dean speak and Dean was by far the most relaxed, connected and articulate of the three. Bob Graham closed with a verse of his new campaign song - the man cannot sing. And Kucinich in a Tee shirt gave a more traditional Democratic stump speech that showed nerve and invective. But Dean capitalized on his early opposition to the attack on Iraq to the cheers of the crowd who are invigorated by the WMD damage done to Bush and dubya co.

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