Jun 6, 2003

Sometimes it is better to look at the end result
Then decide if it fits one of the reasons given.

At this point we know beyond any doubt that Halliburton has been awarded $425 MILLION Dollars in open ended no bid contracts to get the oil flowing in IRAQ. That is a clear result.

We do not know about the WMD
We do not know about Saddam Hussein
We do not know about Democracy in IRAQ
We do not know (for sure) if the IRAQIs are better off.
We do not know if the Iraqis are happy we are there.
We do not know if we are safer from terrorist
We do not know if Saddam Hussein helped Al Queda

WE do know that Halliburton is making huge amounts of money
Despite the fact that Halliburton
1) pled guilty to a felony paid a 1.2 million dollar fine
2) moved ops to a Cayman tax shelter to avoid 80 million in taxes
3) over charged taxpayers 2 million dollars on a Fort Ord contract
4) offered to settle fraud lawsuits by stockholders for 6 million dollars.
5) admitted to illegal bribes in Nigeria
6) paid Dick Cheney 40 million dollars
7) is under SEC Investigation for questionable accounting practices.

Despite these violations of law and trust Dick Cheney's old company is raking in big bucks and the oil will flow.

That has to be worth the blood spilled and the money spent by US Taxpayers and soldiers; OR DOES IT??

This answers the question of why we went to war in IRAQ.
Follow the money and figure out the end result.
The END justifies any reason or means for those who profit on the blood and trust of the American public

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