Jun 22, 2003

Forked Tongue

The old indian adage "Rich white man speaks with forked tongue" is true.

When speaking with Forked Tongue one uses the NEWSPEAK DICTIONARY

The belief in the supremacy of law is the defining characteristic of our country, and what has made America the strongest and most successful democracy in human history. Now we’ve made an international spectacle of our disregard for the principles of law in the single-minded pursuit of our narrowly-defined (and, in my view, poorly-defined) interests.
What's rotten here has nothing to do with the criminal and everything to do with the cop. If our cause against Iraq was just, we should have taken the time to make the case, and should have appeared willing to accept a different outcome if the facts were against us. Some would call that weakness. Others would say that real weakness is giving in to the passions of the moment, without regard to the larger good that is being destroyed by our righteous, arrogant rage.

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