Jun 28, 2003

"But, Ann, you're mean -- vicious, really -- which is why we do not believe that you in any way serve the public good. "

THE COULTERGEIST has her own dedicated spot Treason
just to cover the Hate and venom of this Republican savage cruel bigot
Visit Man about Murfreesboro for a Coulter-roast on his June 30 blog
Resonance and South Knox Bubba post great pieces on Chris Matthews in a good old fashioned Horse's Ass Kickin Coulter-roast. Read it and comment

UPDATE: The Coulter roasting continues unabated with numerous cites of the Richard Cohen op-ed trashing of the Coultergeist Atrios, puddingbowl, rhetorica, seetheforest, submeat, fromtheswamp, rub, elevendayempire, hnn, nancynall, dangerousmeta, Buzzflash it is great that the blogosphere is taking this on from the start.
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