Jun 14, 2003

Bill Hobbs comments on SKB Comments include a link to this article

The article on Tech Central Station by Hillery Kramer includes the following:
What is the bill so far for this expedient work by Halliburton (subcontracted out to two different firms, I might add)? A mere $50.3 million-a fraction of the $7 billion we keep hearing about.

Well according to Congressman Waxman's Letter dated May 29, 2003 71.3 million dollars have been spent and another $425 Million in work orders under a second Iraq contract for a total near 500 Million is the accurate figure. The Toronto Star Article linked below makes the figure 187 million on the no bid contract now. But HOBBS choose to post a link to an April 25th TCS article to prove his point.

This would appear to bring the JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY of Mr. Hobbs into question (a subject near and dear to Mr. Hobbs heart) I am waiting to see if he will print a retraction.

An additional story of 187 Million in billing from Halliburton

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