May 21, 2012



When Clinton/Gore take office family & children get 32.6 billion in assistance and housing gets 18.9 for a total of 51.5 billion  - unemployment stood at 39.5


If we accept the generally understood carryover effect that suggests an new administration's efforts show up in the 2nd year following a carry over effect from the previous administration's policies we see that families and children got 36.8 and housing 23.9 two years into the Clinton Gore period while unemployment stood at 28.7


When Clinton/Gore leave office families and children get  32.5 billion and housing gets 28.9 total 61.4 billion increase of 10 and big decrease as % of GDP at 6,342.3 Billion in 1992 vs 9951.5 in 2000
Unemployment compensation dropped from 39.5 or 28.7 to 23.0 during Clinton Gore


If we use 2002 as the starting point for W's effect on welfare and unemployment we get 38.2 and 33.3 for families and children and housing and 53.3 for unemployment


After 6 years of total Republican control the families and children get 54 billion and the housing is 38.3 or a total of 92.3 billion on a GDP of 13.4 billion. This accompanies the massive Bush Tax cuts and profligate spending on two wars employing 1000's of soldiers and Halliburton KBR contractors and Blackwater mercenaries
and unemployment compensation is 33 from 53 billion over those 6 years given the massive number of troops, mercenaries, and KBR Halliburton employees raking in billions in Iraq and Afghanistans as we plunge into an addition 6 trillion in debt.


But by 2008 Families and Children get 60.7 and housing 40.6 or 101.3 billion and the GDP is 14.4 billion and unemployment is up 45.3 from 33  during W even with the massive employment boom of IRAQ where soldiers and mercenaries and KBR 800 per hour truck drivers deliver 65 dollar cases of coke while former bus boys and waiters become mortgage agents selling houses to Bush's "ownership society" making their financial institutions filthy rich?


In 2010 the real results of the W years take hold as families and children now get 95.1 and housing 58.7 total 153.8 on GDP of 14.5 billion but unemployment comp is now 160.1 billion up a whopping 137 billion since Clinton Gore left office.

Anyone wanting to blame the unemployment boom following the Bush financial collapse on Obama better get their GOOGLE in order to show how it was anything other than a miracle that he actually saved us from things getting much worse. Remember the job loss figures from 2000 thru 2008 and then until Obama passed the stimulus and recovery act that stemmed the unemployment tsunami.

Here are the real numbers so you explain how we got here via Barney and Dood. 
or our permissive zero responsibility Demoncrats 
or the machinations of the Marxists 
or whatever conspiracy theory you need to explain how a relatively solvent and stable America in 2000 exploded into a Welfare State of many billions going to newly unemployed welfare "queens" who evidently procreated at an exceptional rate with the help of the anti-abortion dogmatic in order to bankrupt America in collusion with Barney and Dood

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