May 5, 2012


Having a certifiable nut case who sees a Communist around every corner in Congress say something negative is a tremendous endorsement  


Gee Allen I thought they were all Communists but now you think they are Fascists and Nazi's? 
I guess you must be confused - want to try again?

Whew that's better Allen I thought for a minute you thought they were Fascist Nazi's 
and for a minute I thought you were confused about the difference like many A 51er's 

At least you realize you are NUTS and that's the first step on the road to recovery. 

Good to know you are downplaying radicalism by calling everyone of the opposing party Fascists and Communists. 

And SARAH PALIN thinks you would be a great VP choice - so you've got that goin for ya!!! 

Allen West failed to pay bills and Tax Liens were levied against his homesNot only is West a certifiable NUT JOB but he does not pay his taxes or bills 

The IRS filed an $11,000 lien against (Allen) West for back taxes. Three liens were placed on his home for unpaid bills, and a judge ordered West to pay over $5,000 for past due credit card bills."

Primary election night was barely over when U.S. Rep. Ron Klein released his first general-election campaign ad against Republican challenger Allen West in the heated race for Florida’s 22nd congressional district.

In the 30-second TV spot, Klein juxtaposes a video clip of West at a public appearance talking about "individual responsibility and accountability," with claims that West has faced numerous liens for unpaid taxes. (Check out the ad here.)
"The IRS filed an $11,000 lien against West for back taxes."
In the ad, West says: "Individual responsibility and accountability is the No. 1 cultural problem we have in America."  A narrator then says: "If so, then Allen West is part of the problem."
The ad goes on to list the following claims against West:
  • "The IRS filed an $11,000 lien against West for back taxes."
  • "Three liens were placed on his home for unpaid bills."
  • "A judge ordered West to pay over $5,000 for past-due credit card bills."
We decided to check out all three claims, but focused most of our attention on the $11,000 lien. Not only was it the largest debt listed, but it was the one charge that West’s camp immediately challenged. The other two have not been refuted by West campaign manager Josh Grodin in interviews withMiami Herald political reporter Amy Sherman.
We asked Klein’s camp to provide us with documentation supporting their claim, and they provided us with a copy of an IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien filed against "Allen B West & Angela M Graham West." The document, filed on Nov. 17, 2005, with the Marion County Recorder’s office in Indianapolis shows an "Unpaid Balance of Assessment" for $11,081.05.

The Marion County Recorder’s office was able to provide us copies of the same document, showing the lien was against the couple’s personal income, not against a home. The recorder’s office also provided a copy of an IRS Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien issued to the couple on March 22, 2006, about four months later. The certificate shows that the lien was removed following a payment on the complete balance of the lien.

Almost immediately after the ad was released, Grodin released the following statement: "Allen West, and his wife Dr. Angela M. Graham-West have never resided, nor owned property in Marion County, Ind., and there was never a valid IRS lien placed upon them."

Still, West’s residency or whether he owned property in Indiana was not in question, since the lien was not against a property but the couple’s personal income. The paperwork was filed in Indianapolis because the IRS paperwork lists West’s address as "DFAS-IN", which stands for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, based in Indianapolis. DFAS handles military payroll for servicemen like West, who is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel.

Grodin said West was working in Afghanistan at the time, training Afghan soldiers as a private contractor.

West’s campaign said that they would release documents proving that the IRS lien was an error, but later backtracked. Grodin told The Palm Beach Post on Aug. 26, 2010: "I spoke a little too soon as far as having all the documents. I jumped the gun. I’m still confident that was a mistake by the IRS."

As for the other claims listed in the advertisement -- liens being placed against West’s home and being ordered by a judge to pay more than $5,000 in credit charges -- we checked court and county tax records for proof of those claims.

West had the following liens placed on his Plantation, Fla., home according to documents from the Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division. The liens -- we found five, not three as the ad says -- were brought forward by his Homeowner’s Association (Fountain Spring Master Homeowners Association, Inc., and Fountain Spring II Homeowners Association, Inc.). We list them according to the date they were filed with the Broward County Clerk of Courts, and subsequently when they were paid off.

May 5, 2010 - $964.50 for overdue maintenance fees and attorney costs.
* lien released on June 22, 2010
March 13, 2009 - $611.66 for overdue maintenance fees and attorney costs.
* no release record found on file
Feb. 19, 2007- $995.00 for overdue maintenance fees and late charges.
* lien released on March 30, 2007
Sept. 14, 2004 - $295.00 for overdue maintenance fees and late charges.
* lien released on Nov. 16, 2004
Sept. 7, 2004 - $366.00 overdue maintenance fees, late charges and attorney fees
* lien released on Sept. 13, 2004
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