Nov 28, 2003

Our "Fearless Leader" Tries to Prove He's No Chicken

Bush was so paranoid about his 2.5 hour Campaign Sneak Attack
he was "fully prepared to turn around".
Bush Ready to Pull Plug on 2.5 hour Photo Op if Word Leaked Out

Nov 28, 2003 ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE - Three hours from landing on a high-risk visit to Baghdad,*** President Bush was most anxious about keeping it a secret. "I was fully prepared to turn this baby around, come home," Bush said later aboard Air Force One. The world did not learn that Bush had spent 2 1/2 hours in the Baghdad Airport Military Compound until his jumbo jet was again in the air, flying back to the United States

As the president was sneaking into a mess hall in a heavily guarded airport military compound, newscasters back home were reporting that he was enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with his family at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. That was what reporters had been told by White House officials.

Bush said he thought Americans would be understanding about the deception and the sneaking around because it was important for soldiers at risk to know that the commander in chief was willing to use them as a campaign photo opportunity after he had been ridiculed for his Mission Accomplished faux pas.
***This "HIGH-RISK visit to Baghdad" was really a 2.5 hour sneak into the heavily guarded Airport Military Compound under cover of darkness. If it was 'high risk' then what are the daily flights that bring Soldiers and supplies into Baghdad in broad daylight? Why didn't George just don another flight suit and make a quick trip on a military jet this time? Not one US Military Jet has been shot down in IRAQ since 'Mission Accomplished' and the only airplane that suffered a shoulder fired missile attack was landed safely. There was nothing "HIGH RISK" about this campaign photo op. Chickenhawk George and company would not do anything that could be considered "HIGH RISK" to themselves but they don't mind "HIGH RISK" for young soldiers.