Nov 20, 2003

Criminal violence skyrockets in Baghdad - Monthy Death Toll Tops Saddam
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19-- The number of violent deaths in Baghdad increased exponentially -- from 40 to 55 times -- after the fall of Saddam Hussein's repressive regime, data show.

Prior to the war there was an average of 16 violent deaths a month. In August 2003 however there were 872 violent deaths, with 498 of them from firearms. In September that number dropped to 667 violent deaths, but again more than half -- 372 -- were attributed to firearms, according to Army Capt. Brian Song, a military lawyer with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Every household in Iraq is allowed to keep one weapon, usually an AK-47, for personal protection under Coalition Provisional Authority rules.
Admin supporters tout end to Saddam's mass graves but Saddam did not kill at this rate. Even if Saddam killed 300,000 as estimated by some that was 36 a month. Deaths now are 55 a month. Some savings.
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