Oct 20, 2003

pReznit pull out all the stops - asks Mom and Dad to attack Democrats

Barbara Bush Calls Democrat Line-Up a 'Sorry Group' and labels her son the pReznit "a dirty dog"
This is the world according to Barbara Bush who described Democrats trying to unseat her son in the White House as a "sorry group" of politicians and called her son "that dirty dog". "So far, they are a pretty sorry group if you want to know my opinion," said Mrs. Bush in an interview aired on Monday by NBC's "Today" show.

Her husband also had some harsh words for the Democratic contenders whom he accused of using "vicious rhetoric." "The one who makes the most outrageous charges against the president gets his 20 seconds on the evening news. Hey I did not ride in here on a watermelon cart. I know how it works," said the former president in an obvious racial slur. Bush said his wife treated the president like any other member of the family, recently telling him after a run to get his feet off the table in their bedroom.
That does not make her a bitch does it?
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