Jul 9, 2003

THE SMOKING GUN. THE PROOF OF THE LIE. as predicted the British press will sink the Resident because the US Republicans do not control the British Media.

Bush, according to CIA sources, knew ten months before the state of the Union, that the Niger documents were false and used them anyway

Doubts about a claim that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from the African state of Niger were aired 10 months before Mr Bush included the allegation in his key State of the Union address this year, a CIA official has told the BBC.

On Tuesday, the White House for the first time officially acknowledged that the Niger claim was wrong and suggested it should not have been used in the president's State of the Union speech in January.

But the CIA official has said that a former US diplomat had already established the claim was false in March 2002 - and that the information had been passed on to government departments, including the White House, well before Mr Bush mentioned it in the speech.

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