Jun 25, 2003

A Little more to the Rights comments on Rush Limbaugh

Rush 'my anal cyst is killing me' Slimeball

3 typical Limbautomized lunacies featured on the ALMTTR blog:
1) “It seems like every time Congress or SCOTUS is in session, our liberties are up for grabs.”
Limbo is of course speaking of the Republican Congress and the Reagan/Bush packed SCOTUS. Has Rush come around to the liberal way of thinking?.

2) On abortion, “The pro-choice people are not pro-choice unless you make the 'right' choice, and every time an abortion is going to take place that doesn't, they feel a setback in their political movement.”
Limbo reverts to his old demonizing ways here claiming that pro-choice people do not want choice but infanticide.

3)"dependents outraged that government won't foot the bill for their antacid, now they won't be able to cram pizza and chorizo down their throats without consequences unless they ante up."
This one is humorous indeed. It draws a mental image of the 'BIG FAT IDIOT' himself bloated and billious stuffed with pepperoni and sausage sitting on that famous ANAL CYST that got this fat CHICKENHAWK his deferment.

"I thank heaven for Rush Limbaugh. Without him I'd be another mind-numbed liberal robot." Jeff
Well congratulations Jeff, you are a mind-numbed LIMBAUGHTOMIZED robot who believes the Republican Congress and the SCOTUS are eroding your liberty. I have to say you are pretty well screwed any way you look at it. Perhaps this site will serve it's purpose with you and break the evil Limbaughtomy spell that you are under. My fervent hope is for your partial recovery. Keep on believing that the Republican Congress and the SCOTUS are eroding your liberty - they are.

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