May 29, 2003

Grim future for the Resident and the country.

1) Unemployment will reach 9% in 12 months but war in IRAN will be the center of national attention
2) Bush Cheney will prevail in 04 with the Democrats still winning the popular vote. Florida like chicanery will purge the voter rolls in states like Pennsylvannia and Florida offsetting huge deficits for the Republicans in NY and California.
3) An independent investigation will be started on Halliburton, Harken, 9-11, and WMD within 12 months but like Watergate it will be too late to stop the sham election to a second term.
4) By 2006 both Bush and Cheney will resign or face impeachment for their many crimes. Dennis Hastert will be President. Cheney will be found guilty of Treason and financial felonies but will die of heart failure before all of the facts are made public. W will be the first President to go to prison.
5) World Opinion of the United States will reach a new low. All things American will be boycotted worldwide deepening our depression.
6) The wealthiest 2% of Americans will escape to Island or European getaways with their tax shifted gains stashed in Luxemborg or the Caymans.
7) Neo-cons and millionaire stupid white men pundits will become the targets of depression rage. Rupert Murdock, Limbaugh, O'reilly, Hannity, Scarbrough, Matthews, North, Liddy, Robertson, and Falwell will be unable to appear in public. Delay and Drudge will mysteriously dissappear and Ann Coulter will morph into a fat liberal but will descend into madness and be institutionalized.

It will be a world of chaos for our beloved country but a necessary wake up call for the true lovers of liberty in America.
It is the only way to overcome the financial and media power of the neo-cons and their minions.
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