Feb 22, 2017



ONKYO has a big problem on Amazon. While searching for Onkyo receivers on Amazon I found one seller who claimed to have 460 Onkyo products for sale at unbelievable prices: 

Sara Beth and Underhill claims to have a Brand New RZ900 7.2 for 499.99 including shipping and warranty while
other buying options show prices NEW for $1588.99 and Refurbs for $999 (from authorized Onkyo dealer accessories4less) and Used - Like New for $1,109.99  - So this $499.99 price new is less than half the used and refurb price with shipping and one-third the lowest new offering. 
While checking this a new offer has appeared for $400.00 

$400 or $499.99 price is 1) either the deal of the century or 2) a blatant scam  - I suspect the latter.
Is it possible? 
Does this seller never intend to ship? OR Does the seller have access to stolen Onkyo product in quantity. 

It's curious that here on Amazon the RZ900 7.2 is listed as Used-Like New while an email from Sara Beth and Undrhill claims the unit is brand new with all accessories and warranty. 

Note the Contact me Before ordering at CHARTEX@USA.com THANKS above. An illegal direct contact email according to Amazon rules. - After contact I received this reply from Steven Kittelson (kittleson20@gmail.com)

Thanks for inquiry - Onkyo TX-RZ900 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver is Brand New, original box, sealed, never used, not scratches or any problems, comes in the manufacturer packaging with 2 Year full warranty and all manufacturer supplied accessories, US model. The total price is $499, including all shipping and insurance fees to US/Canada. (1-3 business days).
The offer lasts in 7 days. Take advantage while the offer lasts.
If you want to buy, send your phone number, full name, shipping address and I will contact Amazon asap to process your order. Dispatch is by normal UPS, which takes 1-3 days depending on where in the US you are.
Return policy is full money back or replace the product, you can return it for any reason at all within 30 days.
For more information don't hesitate to contact us!
Kindest regards!

I wanted to check to see if Amazon would back this sale so I did the order process and this happened 
(Sorry can't ship to this address) 

The 499.99 unit "can't be shipped to my address" but an identical unit at $999.99 can be.
Same product different price - 

While doing this another "seller" showed up with a $400. price 

Choosing one of these results in the same - "cannot ship to this address" upon ordering. 

Within one hour the $499 and $400 prices vanished and this $380 price appeared 

So I emailed this seller:
Can you send a picture of this used - like new unit?

I want to know the condition - accessories - condition of packaging
Would you prefer a pick up? I am in TN a couple of hours from Atlanta. 

I ran a search on Google for "Seller Fraud on Amazon" and found this Forbes Magazine article 

AMAZON SCAMS ON THE RISE   that indicates thousands of customers ordered from open market sellers who found an easy way to get paid by Amazon while failing to ship the purchased item. Amazon refunds money to the customers after about a month of hassle but the manufacturer and legit Amazon sellers lose sales.

Marketplace Plus published RISE OF SCAMS ON AMAZON MARKETPLACE indicating that thousands of new sellers a day sign up to sell on Amazon. It's free to sell as an individual and Amazon collects just one dollar per sale for under 40 items a month. 

There has to be some kind of tax break for Amazon to put up with this fraud. How can a potential dollar on the sale of a $500 item make sense if Amazon risks paying out $500 to the scammed customer? 

Why do legitimate sellers and manufacturers allow Amazon to get away with this? Potential sales are lost to scammers along with Amazon's money - What is going on here?  

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