Jan 6, 2017


LEAH RIMINI and MIKE RINDER are doing a great job with the A & E series: SCIENTOLOGY and the AFTERMATH 

LEAH and MIKE interview a number of long time 30 year average members and former key executives of Scientology as they travel from Seattle to Denver to Clearwater.
Amy Scobee - former head of the Celebrity Center
Jeff Hawkins - former head of Marketing
Mark Headly - former head of production for events
Aaron Smith-Levin - former Auditing expert
Tom DeVougcht - former head of construction and renovation for buildings
Ron and Becky Miscavige - Father of the "leader" David Miscavige.

These were people who devoted years of their lives to 100 hour work weeks and who made Scientology what it is. Now the reveal themselves as VICTIMS of a cult.

Could it be that this approach is a mistake?

There is no power in victimhood. These people have conceded and allowed David Miscavige to seize and maintain power over a very powerful entity worth billions of dollars. Is this the best way to end the abuses of Scientology?  I don't think so.

David Miscavige took control of Scientology as Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center or RTC. David Miscavige declared himself the COB of the RTC and the RTC holds the copyrights to the materials of LRH. It appears Miscavige simply took control and no one thought to try to stop him.

The former accountant for LRH, Certified Accountant James J. Jackson has another idea. He is still a devoted OT VIII Scientologist and he believes that Scientologists should take control from David Miscavige.

Seems to the lawyers in CA that James J. Jackson has a point. Why don't Rinder, Rathbun, Ortega, Rimini, and the former executives join Jackson and simply seize control of the church by filing suit in California to challenge the dictatorship of Miscavige?

The weblogs of Ortega, Rinder and Rathbun have a following
There are the Ask a Scientologist 
the Operation Clambake Forum with over 500,000 views of some threads
and EX Scientologist Forum with over 175,000 views of some threads

A search of Clambake reveals on piece on James J Jackson 

So with all of these online communications tools for contacting Scientologists of the past it should be quite easy to get a Class Action together with a large number of people who paid for memberships and auditing but were either "declared" or who felt forced out by Miscavige. These people who paid for the materials and auditing have standing to claim they are part of Scientology as church members.
If there are currently less than 30,000 active Scientologists - how many are truly Miscavige supporters?  how many displaced or declared SCN members could be found to join a Class Action to retake control?
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